Our Services

U2Vote is a productive social media for all, it is the online substitute for all your needs

Education & Quizzes

It meets high standard education spiced with a bit of fun and challenge

Resembles a Classroom

Schools, teachers and students are able to interact groups

Vote & Survey

Could receive others experience before taking any decision in any domain

Competitions & Rewards

Promote products, services as competions with stages

Public & Private

Can publishing posts and create groups under privacy roles

Information & News

It is a social media platform, can occur via learning through a newsfeed

U2Vote Mission

U2Vote is a digital tool that facilitates communication and learning processes. It is the perfect substitute for our daily tasks in a smooth and fun way especially in times when we should expect anything!

Whom is the application prompt for?

This application is aimed at individuals and educational institutions of all stages

You can always stay in the know with the Google and Apple app on your Android and iOS phone.